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Making sense of Bioshock Infinite 0

Bioshock Infinite Ending Explained

Bioshock Infinite is a remarkable game. It’s not a perfect game (the fairly un-diverse/non-useful amount of weapons and powers comes to mind as one flaw), but the fascinating story-telling and beautifully realized worlds have...

The Hunger Games 0

The Hunger Games

The hunger games succeeds on almost every level, giving both fans and non-fans a thrill-ride of a movie


Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of the Mission Impossible movie series. I enjoyed the movies, but felt they never lived up to their potential. One of my...

Paul 0

Paul – Review

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost tackled the zombie genre with “Shaun of the Dead,” and the action thriller genre with “Hot Fuzz.” Now they’re successfully taking on science fiction (and blockbuster movies in general)...


Inception Review

Christopher Nolan has always enjoyed playing mind games with both his characters and his audience. “Memento” might have been the ultimate mental trip, but even movies like “Insomnia” and “The Dark Knight” played with...


Mass Effect 2

Recently, a fine line has been drawn between video games and films. As more games incorporate film-style cut scenes and epic story lines, the line grows ever slimmer. Never was this more apparent than...