Author: Jenny Platt

Fruitvale Station 0

Fruitvale Station

You may recognize him from Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, but Michael B. Jordan’s performance in Fruitvale Station surges him forward to a whole new level of acting legends.


The Descendants

George Clooney stars in a touching tale of a man looking to reconnect to his daughters after his wife falls into a coma and he finds out she was cheating on him.


Puss in Boots

Puss’s Boots Slow Him Down No one could have been more excited than me that a character from the Shrek enterprise was getting his own spin-off movie. I faithfully bought tickets for all four...

Contagion 1


What do you get when you take an all-star cast of characters, pair them with an inadequate script and then play Russian roulette to figure out who lives and who dies? The answer is...