Author: Ryan S. Davis

2012 0


The fact that “2012” was made is unusual.  It’s essentially a remake of “Deep Impact” and the director’s own “The Day After Tomorrow.”  These movies are so recent that you might be surprised a studio...

Terminator Salvation 0

Terminator Salvation

I don’t think the phrase “summer action movie” is the same as “junk.”  While many of them are trivial endeavors, it’s also true that many of them are quite fun.  What separates the memorable...

From the Whatever-Happened-To Department : Myst 0

From the Whatever-Happened-To Department : Myst

Most geeks will remember Myst, the one-time best selling video game in history. Released in 1993, it was a huge crossover hit because of its atmosphere, story, and puzzles. It was like playing a...