Sadistic Addictions

Everyone has something that they watch on TV that is usually full of
crap, but they watch it because they want to know what happens
next. This, in essence, is a form of sadistic torture that we
inflict on ourselves. The idea that if you don’t really like then
you shouldn’t watch it should apply here, but we all want to see what
stupid antics will follow. I have experienced this a lot

One show includes the Comedy Central show “Drawn Together”. This
show has become torture for me, but for some strange reason I continue
to watch. This animated series is a reality show spoof that takes
all avenues that you have seen in other shows like Bachelor, Survivor,
Big Brother, and many others and twists them into disgusting weekly
montages. I am in awe at what they do each week and how they can
actually get away with it, but then I realize that it is a cable
channel and it is late at night when they usually air.

The other show that has actually become a recent addiction of mine is
American Idol. I was coerced into watching it last year with a
couple of my friends and it became a weekly obsession of ours. I
was able to last until season four without watching a single
episode. I thought that the concept was moronic and that no one
could really get famous from singing on a show where the public
votes. I was proven wrong with the recent Grammy success the
first winner, Kelly Clarkson. This season I started watching
right at the beginning with the auditions and I loved watching the
people who could not carry a tune. I realize that is what I would
sound like, if I were to actually gather enough courage to try out for
a show like this. Trust me, it would take a lot of courage, or a
lot of alcohol…actually both. Now I am stuck because not only
do I want to see who gets kicked off each week, but what Simon will say
next. The singing isn’t even well done, it is more the sadistic
pleasure I get in seeing the torment that others have to endure in the
face of the public.

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