Another One for the Books

I finished Ghostbusters to completion today and I found myself actually smiling at the end, so I had to do a quick write up. True, we’ve already reviewed and awarded the title a 8 out of 10, but it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that we don’t often complete the game before making a judgment.

I won’t be changing my mind on our rating, but it should be said that for me, completing Ghostbusters gave me the most sense of satisfaction since the original Halo. Not only was it a challenge I overcame, but it, unlike so many other movie-based titles, brought the story to an end and left me walking out of the theater feeling good.

Well, exiting to the main menu feeling good anyway. Ghostbusters genuinely fit into its big-screen brethrens’ shoes and is one of those rare movie-based games that doesn’t complete disappoint, though there was no reason for it, since time wasn’t a factor in its development.

Anyway, I wanted to share that. For us Yanks, it’s our Independance Day and fireworks, both legal and otherwise are exploding around the office. I think I’ll go partake of a few of them.

Christopher Kirkman

Christopher is an old school nerd: designer, animator, code monkey, writer, gamer and Star Wars geek. As owner and Editor-In-Chief of Media Geeks, he takes playing games and watching movies very seriously. You know, in between naps.

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