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  • projector-dd-thumb

    Dungeons and Dragons and Projected Maps

    Believe it or not, I didn’t experiment with D&D as a kid and 35 years of age seems like an odd time to start, but start I did. Fortunately, I found a few like minded (and aged) friends willing to give it a shot. To […]

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  • Volkswagen: The Force

    Lil Vader’s Volkswagen

    For any of you that know me…. yes, I’ve seen this video:

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  • kermit

    The Rainbow Connection

    I’m sitting here trying to write a review of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. Earlier I mentioned to the group I was with that somehow Burton had turned Alice into Dorothy and Wonderland into Oz. As I typed that line down, it sparked a memory […]

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  • img_7793

    Another Year, Another Cookie Explosion

    Several years ago, having never done it before except maybe once when I was about 7, I decided I needed to try making a gingerbread house for the holidays. My wife and I would basically do it all from scratch, not relying on the pre-molded […]

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  • IMG_7774

    Have I mentioned? I love Halloween

    Now where’s my power pellet?

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  • Tune-In, Talent Out

    Typically, my published opinions dwell in the realm of movies and games. If they weren’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this in the first place. That doesn’t mean I can’t branch out, right? So let me switch gears and gripe about what passes as music […]

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