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  • E3: Day 3 Synopsis

    Another day, another “Star Wars: The Old Republic” trailer. I still wasn’t able to get a t-shirt, even with the Star Wars Geek’s absurdly long arm-reach beside me. Some fights broke out as the man in front of me felt it necessary to throw and […]

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  • E3: Day 2 Synopsis

    As the second day of E3 comes to a close, I must warn you that I write this article on a minimal amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation can do funny things to the brain. Even though most people would argue that poorly functioning brain cells […]

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  • What to do when your wife drags you to Hannah Montana: The Movie

    This afternoon, my wife made me take her to the Hannah Montana movie. Now, while I know that no self-respecting geek should ever admit that, I got to thinking that there must be other geeks in the same predicament. Be it their wife, girlfriend or […]

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