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All Hail Bale 0

All Hail Bale

Maybe not completely, but Christian Bale breathes life into a Batman that has been long stagnant. Saw Batman Begins last night with the soon-to-be wife and we both thought it was about time we...

Old Goals, New Beginnings 0

Old Goals, New Beginnings

My portfolio has taken more shapes than I care to mention. Now that Media Geeks functions well enough that I don’t need to continue to babysit the code on a near daily basis I...

47th Annual Grammy's Held On Sunday 0

47th Annual Grammy's Held On Sunday

Even though it’s nominees and indeed winners reflected a younger crowd and clearly favored the rock and metal genre’s, this years Grammy awards just plain didn’t appeal to many and haven’t for several years...

Your Child’s education, brought to you by the MPAA 0

Your Child’s education, brought to you by the MPAA

The MPAA took another lash at pirates several days ago by throwing more money at the problem. Normally, I wouldn’t have an issue, but the money was invested in “guest teachers” to travel around...

Britney Vs. Christina 0

Britney Vs. Christina

I’ve had enough. If ever there was a pair of people so obsessed with themselves, it has to be these two. Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears must have rival agents, because I can

Crash, Burn and More 0

Crash, Burn and More

Here’s the basics. We upgraded the server. The backup didn’t do the job we all thought it would. In fact, the last backup was 1 month before we started things here at Media Geeks....