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Bender pulls a Peter Griffin 0

Bender pulls a Peter Griffin

Comedy Central announced today that beginning in 2008, the cable channel air it’s first of 13 brand spankin new Futurama episodes. Like Family Guy before it, Futurama’s return to television can be attributed to...

The Trilogy, Un-Altered, Un-Edited 0

The Trilogy, Un-Altered, Un-Edited

As a good friend put it, this is a geek dream come true. According to LucasFilm Senior Vice President Jim Ward, “a truly countless number of fans have told us that they would love...

Hayes Leaves South Park 0

Hayes Leaves South Park

According to the Associated Press, 70’s soul artist Isaac Hayes quit his 9 year stint as the sultry voice of Chef on Comedy Central’s South Park, citing a loss of tolerance for the show’s...