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RIAA Sues 744 "John Does" 0

RIAA Sues 744 "John Does"

The Recording Industry Association of America has filed 744 more suits today, covering John Doe defendants, as well as some defendants that did not agree to out-of-court settlements. These John Doe defendants are Persons...

Olympic Gold Medal For Sale 0

Olympic Gold Medal For Sale

I know I would love my own Olympic Gold Medal and not have to actually work to get it. With the Olympics taking place this week in Athens, Greece there is a lot of...

Composer Jerry Goldsmith dies at 75 0

Composer Jerry Goldsmith dies at 75

Goldsmith died in his sleep Wednesday night at his Beverly Hills home after a long battle with cancer, said Lois Carruth, his personal assistant. A classically trained composer and conductor who began musical studies...

Fox To Bring Reality to Cable, 24/7 0

Fox To Bring Reality to Cable, 24/7

Fox Network Group yesterday announced their plan to launch an all reality show cable channel in 2005. The unnamed channel is not the first of its kind however, as the Dish Network also hawks...

Buffy and Angel….Are Back? 0

Buffy and Angel….Are Back?

Writer and Creator Joss Whedon was never quiet about wanting to do something more with both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Both shows were very successful and were ended at the height of...

Heather Graham joins Scrubs 0

Heather Graham joins Scrubs

Heather Graham will join the cast of Scrubs this coming season in a regular role. She will star as a therapist who wreaks havoc among the other staffers on the quirky hospital comedy.