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Dredd 3D 0

A Few Slo-Mo Seconds from Dredd 3D

Got some fresh-from-the-oven new precious seconds of footage from DREDD 3D. This 30 second spot from Lionsgate spreads on a little more slow-mo sauce starring Karl Urban as Judge “I am the law” Dredd....

Battleship The Movie 0

Battleship Game Piece Found in Trailer

I feel dirty just embedding this new trailer. The last thing I wanna do is promote what will undoubtedly end up in the lower teens of the Tomatometer on when it releases later...


MIB3 Attempts to go Viral

Saw this on my way into the offices this morning. At first glance it’s another typical L.A. bus bench that’s been spray painted over, though you don’t get a lot of taggers passing out...