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NFL Blitz – Late Hits 0

NFL Blitz – Late Hits

Ahh, the good ole days. My roomate and I sprawled out in our individual recliners, Dreamcast controllers in hand and a canned beverage at our side. Like a pair of lazy kings on their...

Con-Spore-Acy Part 3 0

Con-Spore-Acy Part 3

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a ‘gamer’ scorned. Okay, so I butchered a little Shakespeare there, but it applies. After a good solid week...

Guitar Hero World Tour Full Track List 0

Guitar Hero World Tour Full Track List

Boasting a whopping 86 songs, the most on a single game disc, Activision released their full set list to appear on October’s release of Guitar Hero: World Tour. The list is an impressive A-List...