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Anti-Spam Bill Passed 0

Anti-Spam Bill Passed

Dubbed the “Can Spam” legislation, the bill approved by congress this morning will force mailers to include an authentication mechanism, a unique ID, that users can truly utilize to stop unsolicited messages. It won’t...

N-Gage Hacked 0

N-Gage Hacked

Nokia’s attempt at grabbing a bit of the portable gaming market from Nintendo was met with less than enthusiastic overtures. In fact, since it’s release it’s sales have little more than trickled in. Complaints...

DBZ Budokai 2 shots 0

DBZ Budokai 2 shots

Since Atari was a major biznatch at this year’s E3, I wasn’t able to get a decent glimpse of this myself, so I have to rely on the net, months afterwords, to get my...