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Viewtiful Joe 0

Viewtiful Joe

Life is Beautiful. Joe is Viewtiful. Capcom gets back to video game basics with the release of Viewtiful Joe, a 2

Xbox Console and Xbox Live 0

Xbox Console and Xbox Live

I did it. From the start, I said I wasn’t going to. My allegiances were firmly planted in Mario’s corner. I even admitted to Sony’s quality product having advantages, some of which Nintendo would...

Mario Kart: Double Dash! 0

Mario Kart: Double Dash!

Finally, after being teased over 2 years ago with a seven second animation, Mario Kart, Double Dash!! has arrived for the Gamecube. In the tradition of Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64, MK...

Splinter Cell 0

Splinter Cell

I’ve got to say, SPLINTER CELL is a great game. Better late than never, I finally got around to playing Ubi Soft’s SPLINTER CELL for the PC. After a surprising 3 disc install, I...

Star Trek: Elite Force II 0

Star Trek: Elite Force II

Star Trek has had it’s ups & downs of video games. Some have tanked while some have done well & gone on to have sequels. This falls under the latter of the two. In...