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Riot Artists On Display

Named for the recently added League of Legends game type, the A.R.A.M. Art Show is a unique upcoming art exhibit featuring original, personal work from the team of artists behind the visuals for League...

Making sense of Bioshock Infinite 0

Bioshock Infinite Ending Explained

Bioshock Infinite is a remarkable game. It’s not a perfect game (the fairly un-diverse/non-useful amount of weapons and powers comes to mind as one flaw), but the fascinating story-telling and beautifully realized worlds have...

COD XP Los Angeles 1

COD XP: Our Experience

Films get red carpet premieres and apparently games get million dollar tournaments, sumo wrestling, zip-lining and paintball. Activision threw one helluva party in L.A. this weekend to help launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare...