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Official E3 Schedule Reminder

For all those salivating for this year’s E3 Expo and waiting to check out the hottest news from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and others, it’s time to make a note of all the official press...

The War Wages On: PC vs Console 2

The War Wages On: PC vs Console

A paltry mere week ago, the now statistically proven best selling entertainment product, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, hit store shelves. Being the game-but I am, most of my writing duties have been...

It’s a Con-Spore-Acy 0

It’s a Con-Spore-Acy

(See the continuing story here) (and the resolution here) Will Wright’s Spore is the current talk of the town. Topics like uniquely creative gameplay, variety and a controversial DRM security policy that requires information...