Britney and Madonna…together again.

After their affectionate display at the MTV Music Video Awards in August the two of them have decided to team up again for a song of their own. They have recently released a new duet called “Me Against the Music.” This new song will appear on Britney’s fourth album appearing in stores in November, but I am not here to sell the album…

What you really want to know about is the music video. You thought the kiss on cable television between the two was good, then you probably can’t wait for the video. Rumors are that Madonna plays a dominatrix or something risque like that and Britney is her protege. There is suppose to be a lot of partial nudity and physicaly interaction between Madonna and Britney. This might be too risque to show even on cable TV channels.

Look for more news in a few weeks when we get closer to the release date of the video. The single was just released earlier this week and is already doing well.

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