2012’s Best Big Game Ads

Ah, The Super Bo…big game. I say “big game” because the rules for using the actual name are sketchy at best and I don’t need the NFL sending C&D letters (and from what I understand, no one is too small to go after). So, if there’s one thing the big game is known for, it’s being the biggest football game of the year and if there’s a second, it’s for its commercials.

The more appropriate term might be “advertainment”. Perhaps the only few hours of the year TV viewers are entertained by the 30 second spots meant to sell them crap they don’t need. It’s a bit shameful, but we’ve done worse. Here’s our pick for the best ads, omitting trailers for upcoming films like The Avengers since these aren’t exactly new or were created specifically for the game.

The Voice – Vocal Combat

I gotta give NBC some credit here. They could have thrown in one of the ads they’ve been airing for the past couple of weeks for their American Idol competition, but instead they filmed an action movie homage complete with Cee Lo Green in a yellow track suit and a surprise Betty White ending.

M&M’s – Just My Shell

How bout a little nudity? It’s male nudity and it’s chocolate, but uh… nah, nevermind. But the ad introduces a new female to the cast of M&M characters with a zinger ending that reveals a side of Red we’ve never before. Maybe that we didn’t wanna see.

Doritos – Sling Baby

With a “Do Not Attempt” warning as big as the the Doritos logo itself, a geriatric and an ankle biter work together to seek revenge on a taunting ten year old. Admit it – you’ve always wanted to pull one of those jumpers back and let go to see what would happen.

Hyundai Veloster – Cheetah

There are more than a few too many car ads that try to compare the power of their engines to some wild animal as it races alongside like a horse, or rhino or whatever, which is how this Hyundai ads starts off. That is until the cheetah comes to his senses, sees live meat and does what wild cats frequently do: maul their owners.

Doritos – Man’s Best Friend

In keeping with the animal theme, Doritos continues their winning game spots with a sinister pooch and his corruptible owner. I imagine a world where one could be bribed with a small bag of chips is better than one where people get paid in gum, so it almost makes sense when a Great Dane offers Doritos to a man in exchange for keeping his mouth shut after his cat’s collar shows up buried in his flower bed.

Cat probably deserved it. Cat’s usually do.

Christopher Kirkman

Christopher is an old school nerd: designer, animator, code monkey, writer, gamer and Star Wars geek. As owner and Editor-In-Chief of Media Geeks, he takes playing games and watching movies very seriously. You know, in between naps.

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