Fringe 2018 – “Sex and the Musical” is Fabulous

As I sat in the dark theater at Three Clubs in Hollywood with a drink in my hand, I couldn’t help but wonder… Will this musical parody of Sex and the City be any good?

For the Love of Parody Productions’ lively new show in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, Sex and the Musical, is a fabulous prequel to the HBO series many of us know and love. The four women who made it a legend – the sassy one, the sexy one, the bitchy one, and the innocent one – are all accounted for and absolutely stunning. The songs are snappy and instantly hummable, especially the gals’ ode to Cosmopolitans, their drink of choice.

The Story

Tired of hearing egocentric Carrie’s problems, gay best friend Stanford tells her she needs to find new gal pals to confide in. On a mission, Carrie is determined to not only be the most fashionable woman in the city, but to also find three other female personas to round out her perfect girl group. Those that have seen the TV show know how this quest ends. In between meet-cutes and break-ups, Carrie befriends idealistic Charlotte, promiscuous Samantha, and sarcastic Miranda – forming the famous quartet.

The Fabulous

The cast of Sex and the Musical absolutely nails the iconic characters. Sherry Berg is quirky and full of life as narcissistic Carrie; Amanda Hootman is delicate and lovely as perfect Charlotte; Alli Miller commands the stage and oozes sex appeal as Samantha; Emily Craig is focused and cynical as work-obsessed Miranda. The dashing men of the show round out the cast nicely – Cory Robison (Mr. Big), Aaron Matijasic (Stanford), Reagan Osborne (original character Allen Prince), and Nicholas Rubando (Editor/Waiter). Everyone involved slays Laura Wiley’s fantastic music and lyrics (energetically arranged by Sandy Chao Wang), and excels in the quippy dialogue and tropes of the original show.

For the Love of Parody!

Sex and the Musical is a spot-on parody that had me smiling and laughing throughout. From the gorgeous costumes (especially on Hootman) to the killer vocals (Miller’s song was a stand-out), I absolutely adored this charming show. For the Love of Parody nailed it – a must-see at the Hollywood Fringe Festival!

Grab a drink and buy tickets for Sex and the Musical here.

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