Mable’s 6 Feet Under – See If She Lets You Leave

The titular Mable, a young girl reminding me of Samara in The Ring, has taken over a haunted motel filled with other unruly ghosts, and they don’t intend to let you leave.

Unlike other haunts, Mable’s 6 Feet Under is an actual (somewhat guided) maze. We started in a hotel lobby-type waiting area, adorned with vintage, cobweb-covered knickknacks and furniture, and a flickering chandelier. Hidden in this lobby were a few intricate mechanical devices to admire (keep a lookout for the person trapped in a TV) amidst the sound of rain, thunder and ghosts pounding the walls, crying for help.

My friend and I were escorted into the maze by a ringmaster-type ghoul, and then we were on our own. Walking cautiously through hallways and doorways, we reached dead ends and had to turn around, only to find the way back changed and new paths opened. Were we lost? Were we going insane? Which way should we go? Wandering, it felt like my friend and I were totally alone in the maze; we couldn’t hear other guests, only Mable giggling in the darkness.

There were no doubt some extremely fun mechanical endeavors that provided jump scares on a larger scale, but I found myself more on-edge when the scare actors emerged from the shadows, especially when we didn’t know which way to go. The masks used were unsettling and Mable herself was disturbing. This haunt plays into the fear of being trapped with the unknown, and the uncertainty of your mind.

The main aesthetic was neon black-light, and there was no blood/gore, making the haunt suitable for a younger crowd. There were some startling moments, but overall it was on the tamer side, and good for a family Halloween adventure. I really enjoyed the innovative intricacies of the maze. It heightened the feeling of isolation, which was also helped by the lack of other groups’ noise. I wonder if there are several ways out of the maze, or if the path(s) all lead out the same way. I also question if my friend and I missed a few things. There were one one or two instances when it felt like something SHOULD happen, but didn’t. It is unclear if there were difficulties, or if the motion-sensors perhaps did not pick up such a small group.

I think the production value could have been better, but for a smaller venue than the haunt behemoths (Universal, Knott’s, etc…), Mable’s 6 Feet Under was innovative, clever, fun, spooky at times and a definite must-see — especially for families and teens.

Not only is it a cheaper haunt, but Mable’s 6 Feet Under is part of a charitable organization providing jobs, business coaching and online training to adults.

Mable’s 6 Feet Under runs select days through November 4th.

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