Rage Ground – L.A.’s First Anger Room

Were you stuck in really bad, frustrating traffic all day? Did you recently go through a break-up? Looking for something new to do for a fun night out? Do you sometimes just want to smash things without any negative consequences? I know I do, and that’s where Rage Ground comes in.

Currently L.A.’s only destruction room, Rage Ground was conceived as a form of entertainment along the lines of an escape room or going bowling. Instead of sitting around watching YouTube or Netflix, you can grab friends or a date and go destroy things together in a safe environment. Even better: You don’t have to clean it up afterward!

Not only is Rage Ground a fun experience to share for groups of two on up to 25, but it can also be a therapeutic outlet alone if you have some anger, stress, or anxiety to get out. Accompanied by a heart-pounding soundtrack, you can throw things against the wall, shatter glass on the floor, hit something with a sledgehammer, or take a baseball bat to a lamp. You can yell, scream, and relish in the resulting catharsis.

Talking to the owners, I found out their favorite means of destruction vary from taking a sledgehammer to a wooden pallet, to eviscerating a laptop with a baby baseball bat. My personal favorite was throwing things against the concrete floor and watching the glass shatter, or flattening a jar with a shovel. I couldn’t help but giggle and laugh every time I got to break another item, and I definitely left Rage Ground in a better mood than when I came in.

Since there is a lot of debris flying about, Rage Ground makes sure its customers are safe, providing vests, masks, and gloves for protection. The team has a stock of wholesale items that are safe for customers to destroy, from plates to CDs to TVs to bread boxes. The larger, specialty items (like a TV) cost more, but for a little bit extra, you can beat up a Trump piñata with the weapon of your choosing and then post it all over your social media. You can even bring a box of your own stuff to destroy (perfect for break-ups), also for a small fee since the Rage Ground team has to make sure the items are safe and then dispose of them afterward.

With anger rooms gaining in popularity, Rage Ground is being featured in several upcoming reality shows, which is likely to bring their business to the masses. So jump in now and get your frustrations out someplace safe and fun before they’re booked. It’s fun, therapeutic, and all the rage.

Release your rage.

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