Tesla’s Mystery – Room Escape Los Angeles by Fox in a Box

The Premise

After Tesla’s 1943 death in the New Yorker Hotel’s room 3327, we are tasked with finding Tesla’s last invention – a teleportation device – and sharing it with the world. We must find it and figure out how to use it within 60 minutes, or the FBI will show up and arrest us for trespassing.

The Puzzles

As we open the door to room 3327, we were transported to 1943. The production value – including posters, candelabras, furniture and clothing – was all top-notch and year-appropriate, aiding in our immersion. There were some simpler puzzles, but others were very innovative and creative uses of Tesla-appropriate concepts like electricity, magnetism and lighting (there was also a strobe effect at one point). None of the puzzles seemed out of context, which in itself was a unique narrative.

Most of the puzzles were lock-and-key or combination, but a few toward the end strayed from that norm and really stood out. It was apparent how much thought went into the stronger Tesla gadgetry. My friends and I got stuck in a few places due to our own negligence (we could have searched better), which made it harder to move forward as the room was relatively linear. However, we did have to go back and forth between locations for a few puzzles, making things more active.

While there weren’t a ton of things for individuals to do simultaneously, there were a few puzzles that were more of a group effort, which I appreciated. There were also some red herrings, and the room held puzzles where one might overlook, both which made for interesting challenges.

The Takeaway

Tesla’s Mystery is a moderately difficult room which gets top ratings for the production value, and especially the fun gadgetry. My group had a great time with this room, and I am very interested in seeing the other rooms they have to offer!

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