Queen's pixs of 2004

What can I say…this year the Video Games and DVD’s did better then
the film industry. Below you will find the Queen’s picks for 2004
in several different categories. With some categories I was
conflicted on ranking, so you will just have to figure that out on your

Video Games – This was definetly a year for platform gaming and
sequels, but you will notice that only 4 games made my list. This
might also have to do with the fact that I don’t play as many games as
the other geeks on our sites do, or at least my genres are vastly
1. Sims 2 (PC) – The lasted version of one of the most popular
stragety games ever. This newest version takes you up close and
in 3D. The greatest part of the game is that now your sims
actually age and so do their children. It is great to create a
sim and see their family grow. What more can you want then to
create your own family and control them as they grow old.
2. Urbz (Gameboy Advance) – This version of the Sims is
amazing…my full review on this game is pending, especially since I am
almost done with the game. You creat one Sim and work them
through the Urb universe by completing rather interesting goals.
There are lots of cool mini-games and this would be a great
mulit-player game for the Gameboy.
3. Burnout 3 (Xbox) – I love this game…what more can you ask
for then to take cool looking cars and crash them into other cars
trying to make the most money. The bigger the crash the more
money, the more money the cooler vehicles you get to unlock. Some
vehicles include a fire truck, city bus, and semi truck. There
should be a warning label on this game though…Do not go driving after
playing this game. I tried and I just wanted to crash into
everything to see how much money I could make.
4. Halo 2 (Xbox) – I haven’t played this one much, but with what
I have seen I am very impressed with the game. The online
capabilities and game play by far exceeds all expectations and is what
keeps gamers coming back to this game. Also, this was the highest
grossing video game of all time…so Microsoft had to make sure that
this game was truely what the fans wanted.

DVD’s – The list is a little bit longer then video games, but as you
read you can tell that it is definetly the quality DVD’s for the year.
1. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (Director’s Special
Edition) – this includes so many extras that I am not sure if I will
ever have time to watch them all, but I will definetly have to make
time for them. Also, the movie is extended by 50 minutes and
seems to answer all the questions that you walked out of the theatre
2. Star Wars Trilogy – Lucas finally did something right…he
released the original trilogy on DVD, although the versions he choose
were not necessarily the ones that the fans wanted the most. This
4 set definetly will keep any Star Wars nut entertained for a long
time…I should know because I didn’t see Star Wars Geek for almost a
week after this was released unless I wanted to watch all…and I mean
all of the extras with him…and there is really only so much Star Wars
that a Queen can take.
3. Indiana Jones Set – This set includes all of the films and a
couple extra DVD’s with a lot of extras. It is great to finally
see these movies on DVD.
4. Shrek 2 – This one includes a new extended ending from what
was in the theatre. You thought the original ending was
hilarious, but this one will keep you laughing for a long time.
5. Spiderman 2 – The extras and menus on this DVD are amazing.
6. Seinfeld Season 1-3 – This long awaited release of one of the top television series finally happened.

TV Moments – I know there are only a few here, but I had to have this
category just to mention number 1 one last time before the next Super
1. Janet Jackson’s Boob Shot at the Super Bowl – Was this planned
or not will never fully be answered, but when Janet Jackson bared her
breast at the Super Bowl it made history and changed several different
rules laid down by the FCC.
2. Friend’s Series Finale – The much acclaimed series finally
came to an end and everything was tied up neatly, or at least some
people think it was. NBC even thought that it would make a great
spin off series called Joey which premiered in September…trust me if
you are a true Friends fan then you are not happy with just one
friend…you need all six.
3. Deadwood Premieres on HBO – This realistic and in your face
dramatic series about the setteling of a town named Deadwood is
awesome. You are introduced to such historic characters as Wild
Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and Sheriff Seth Bullock. The first
season was a hit and the second season will begin in March.

Films – There are 9 listed here, but I am conflicted on the order
because it was such a mediocre year…maybe you can help me with the
ranking. Also, there are several that I haven’t seen yet that
might make my list later.
Troy – guys in barely any clothes running around fighting with big swords…what more can a girl ask for.
The Aviator – I hate Leo, but he actually did very well with playing Howard Hughes and the OCD was amazing.
Ray – Jamie Foxx was amazing as the late Ray Charles. Also, if
you love his music then this is definetly a great film to see.
Ocean’s 12 – Great sequel, which is very unusual…but maybe not great replay like the original.
The Incredibles – Pixar does it again!
Sky Captain’s and the World of Tomorrow – Paramount finally got a hit
with this futuristic story done in digital and in black and white.
Spiderman 2 – Another awesome sequel…infact I think this one was better then the first.
Shoalin Soccer – by far the best funny foreign film of the year.
Shrek 2 – yet another sequel and this one is just as quotable as the first.

Worst Films of the Year – I mentioned earlier that this was a very
mediocre year for film, so I thought that this would be a great
category to include. You can decide which is the worst of the
year. I welcome write-ins. In fact I think that the
Raspberry Awards will be much more interesting this year then the
Envy – a film about vanishing poo? WHY???????
The Alamo – I never walk out of films, but this one I did and I slept through most of what I was there for.
Jersey Girl – Ben who? Kevin Smith really lacked on this one, and
that is such a shame, but I think it had to do with Ben Affleck more
then anything else.
50 First Dates – Adam Sandler needs a new gig.
Alexander – I love Colin Farrel, but come on how much of his homeoerotic undertones can you take?
Blade: Trinity – Why? Not even the action could make up for one of the worst scripts of the year.
Super Babies – Need I say more?
Along Came Polly – This is the second Ben Stiller picture mentioned in
this list alone, see a pattern. Poor pooh humor was not even
enough to save this film.
Catwoman – Even the leather outfit sucked. Halle wanted to do a film all her own and see what happened.
Thunderbirds – The cartoon series was sooooooo much better then this one.

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