The Case of Jack the Ripper – Maze Rooms

It was a dark and stormy night…

My team of detectives and I stepped through the door and were transported to 1888 Whitechapel, twisted playground of Jack the Ripper. It was dark and musty as we cautiously stepped around the bloody crime scene, looking for clues, trying to piece together who could have committed such gruesome murders. Serial killers like toying with their prey, and the Ripper was no exception, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for us to follow in his deadly wake.

The evidence was collected and we headed back to the station for processing, speedily putting the pieces together before Jack could strike again. We desperately sought for his next kill site among the papers and maps and data we had gathered from the crime scene, looking to his past crimes for a pattern. We had what we needed, but were we up for the task in the violent cat-and-mouse game he had left us?

An historic experience

The Jack the Ripper room at Maze Rooms, Culver City (there are several different locations under the Maze Rooms umbrella) was less of an escape room and more like traveling back in time. The production design was meticulously researched, thought out and reproduced. There was nothing in the room(s) that was not accurate for that time period. From the newspaper articles lining the alley in Whitechapel to the crime photos in the station, maps, typewriter and authentic top hat, everything immersed us in history, adding to the urgency of the task at hand.

The puzzles throughout were nice and varied, and my group of 6 all had something to do, especially at the station. Nothing was too abstract or random, and everything stuck with the theme. The payoff was pretty awesome and spooky, but I wish the final challenge was a little more difficult; we had no problem putting it together quickly. Parts of the experience were slightly scary, but overall, it was a great thriller attraction and I absolutely loved the genre and historical component.

Behind the scenes

We got to speak with the creators afterward, and they filled us in on the minutiae within the room that we might have missed in our haste to solve the crimes. It was apparent how much dedication and passion they had for the theme, which only added to our enjoyment. I wish we had more time to take in all the details they had left for us.

As an added bonus, the creators gave us a sneak preview into their next room, and told us the gist of yet another future room, and they both sound completely amazing. They are striving to make a name for themselves in this saturated industry, and I believe their upcoming rooms (as well as Jack the Ripper) will take them above and beyond their expectations. I seriously cannot wait to try them!

Keep an eye out for The Dragon’s Lair (Coming Soon)

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