Droids & Ewoks & Wilford Brimley, oh my

Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox have officially announced that
they’ll be releasing a trio of much anticipated “double feature” DVDs
on 11/23. Star Wars: Animated Adventures – Droids will include select
episodes of the original 1985 Droids animated series edited into
two feature-length films – The Pirates and the Princess and Treasures
of the Hidden Planet (both 86 minutes). Star Wars: Animated Adventures
– Ewoks will also include select episodes of the original 1985-87
Ewoks animated series edited into two feature films – The Haunted
Village (88 minutes) and Tales from the Endor Woods (89 minutes). Also
on 11/23, you’ll get Star Wars: Ewok Adventures, which includes both
live-action films from the 1980s – The Caravan of Courage and The
Battle for Endor (both 95 minutes). All three of these DVDs will carry
an SRP of $14.98.

Todd Lipska

Todd's geekiness started off early with his family's first computer: a TRS-80. As a contributing writer, head photographer, lead programmer and one of the founders of Media Geeks, well, suffice it to say, he's a busy guy.

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