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Most geeks will remember Myst, the one-time best selling video game in history. Released in 1993, it was a huge crossover hit because of its atmosphere, story, and puzzles. It was like playing a book, with a real plot.

Its sequels gradually diminished in popular awareness, to the point that few are aware the franchise is still around. But it is. A massively multiplayer online game had been launched on GameTap but will be discontinued lateApril, leaving a total of 6 games in the franchise. Now, when the games seem to have dried up, Myst may be coming back to the masses…as a movie.

Two entrepreneurs and filmmakers in the midwest have created a promo reel for a movie, likely based on the 2nd of 3 Myst novels. (All of them are good, by the way, I recommend them). Like Peter Jackson and LotR, but with a smaller budget, they showed their reel to franchise creators Cyan Worlds who loved what they saw and immediately gave their support and endorsement. The filmmakers are now in contact with agents and are polishing their script. For now, their goal is awareness, which will help them when they talk to studios about funding. They’re recording their progress with a website/blog, releasing information and answering questions. Check it out at:

The more people that know about this, the better. We’re not talking “Doom” or “Hitman” level of quality here. This movie would focus on plot, and character–the hallmarks of a good movie. These guys are on the right track. They just need the public to be interested in Myst again.

Ryan S. Davis

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