Lucasfilm: Star Wars Sequels 'absolutely untrue'

Reports are blazing around the Internet that members of the Lucasfilm ILM team have signed a series of non-disclosure agreements in relation to something that isn’t the finishing of the Star Wars Epic.

Let’s review the situation here. George Lucas, in his interviews on the subject has stated that he needed to write all nine episodes to make sure the cohesiveness of the original Star Wars release, “A New Hope – Episode IV” was solid. He then spent years denying his considerations of the 3 prequels, then made the prequels.

Lucasfilm denies reports that ILM is working on a new set of three Star Wars movies. Even though the script has already been developed by Lucas.

In keeping with her NDA, Lynn Fox of Lucasfilm says that no NDA’s have been signed, adding that, “The rumors are absolutely untrue,” and “Star Wars: Episode III–Revenge of the Sith is our last and final installment.” Interestingly, she also adds that Lucas is adamant about not passing the project to another director.

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