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Universal recently launched their official website for their upcoming movie, Van Helsing. This website looks totally awesome and I love the 3D graphics. It has downloads, general info, and trailers available. Also as an added bonus they included a section on the new game that will be arriving in stores in May. The game will be for the XBox and PS2 formats and will come out right around the same time as the movie. This site looks cool and you definetly need to take a look at it….check it out.

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  1. Joy says:

    im joy from india, i was watching VanHelsing Movie at indian theatres. when i was to watch the first time that movie i really impress for that story, direction, screenplay, cinematography, special effects, and much more..

    Im watch the movie whole 7 days a week one-by-one. Friday to Friday… and also 3 HDR DVD of Van Helsing.

    I’m really happy to watch this movie, really like acting for Hugh jackman, Richard Roxburgh, Kate Beckinsale and all other crew members.

    I have to request for STEPHEN SOMMERS – Director AND UNIVERSAL,
    Plz. plz… released the Van Helsing Squeal Part-2 and Part-3 movie. every indian watch this movie and really like that. i know atleast 3 million indian people watch this movie. all this really like the movie, all need to watch this part-2 and part-3.

    thanks & regards,
    JOY from IND.

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