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Cinescape, some would say the Sci-Fi authority, announced that the film rights to Namco’s award winning, genre benchmark fighting game, Soul Calibur, has been purchased by Anthem pictures. Previous dealings by Anthem involve Sony Pictures for film and distribution, most notable have been the American Pie series of films.

A SC movie poses several possibilities. Movies based on popular video games are traditionally bad. Initially, the video game’s following brings in the opening weekend crowd, but quickly dies from word of mouth.

Soul Calibur and it’s prequels/sequels have had very little story, despite looong texts describing each character’s journey. That fact could easily be the film’s achiles heal. Filmmakers ultimately have to decide which character to focus a plot around (I’m guessing Sophitia or Killik) and have a compelling enough adventure for non-gamers to ensure high ticket sales.

On the other hand, effects, costumes and set design have MASSIVE potential, especially if the pre-rendered cut scenes from the game are any indication of the visual elements the film can incorporate. Here’s hoping.

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