Spiderman 2 Makes a Splash at ShoWest

A new trailer premiered this week at ShoWest in Las Vegas with an amazing show that Sony put on for all the theatre owners in attendance. In an article on Superhero Hype! one report says, “I do remember that the trailer left me with my mouth wide open, it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen – be sure to crank up the stereo when this puppy hits the internet the week of April 9! It will also start playing in theaters on that date.”

After the trailer played Sony treated the audience to a 7-minute clip of spoliers for the movie that left everyone even more in awe. It sounds like this one might even be better then the first movie.

Sony then made two big annoucements about the Spiderman Franchise.

1. Spiderman 2 will now be released on Wednesday June 30th so they can take advantage of the 4th of July long holiday weekend.

2. Spiderman 3 will hit theatres on May 4, 2007 with the main cast all returning, plus new villains.

I just got shivers up my back. You can read more about details from the trailer and the 7-minute spoiler clip here.

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