Star Wars: Episode 3 Title

An AIDS benefit in Los Angeles yesterday hosted a myriad of celebrities who came out to raise money for the deadly disease. Among those in attendance was George Lucas himself, daughter Katie in tow.

According to USA Today, who caught up with the director, the title for the third and final prequel of the space saga won’t be officially announced until the teaser trailer hits theatres in November. He DID however note that fans on web sites around the net have already guessed correctly. USA Today’s response: Is it Rise of the Empire? “No, that’s not it” replies Lucas. How about Revenge of the Sith?

“That’s a possibility. Lots of titles out there …” said the bearded wonder with a smile according to the publication.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Revenge of the Sith. This should make perfect sense to fans. Back in the 80’s, the third sequel was promoted as Revenge of the Jedi in what some believe was a ploy to throw people off. Others contest that Lucas changed the name to Return of the Jedi because Jedi, being the noble warriors they are, do not take revenge. Sith, their evil counterparts however would have no qualms with the subject.

Thanks to Studio Geek and for the heads up on this story
*Geek note: Some would have you believe the Revenge of the Jedi story to be untrue. I have a LucasFilm licensed poster to prove differently.
**Ultra Geek note: Return of the Jedi was dubbed Blue Harvest during filming to prevent already rabid fans from hunting down the film crew in it’s various locations on 3 continents.

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