Star Wars Kid Sues!

I’m sure a ton of you have seen this kid. Portly isn’t the word for him, but in attempt to emulate Darth Maul, a Quebec teen video-taped himself swinging around a stick like the Star Wars baddie. Some of his friends found the tape, applied a little internet know-how and BANG! He’s the new dancing baby.

The video has been floating around for a while, but it had never occured to me that maybe he didn’t WANT it floating around. Now his parents are suing the parents of the kids who stole the video and placed it on the net in the first place. Supporters of Ghyslain Raza, 15 in the video, are sending money and gifts, even petitioning Lucasfilm to put him in the third prequel movie to quell the embarrasment.

Okay, I sympathize with the kid for having his antics displayed without his permission, but putting him in the movie?!?! How bout no? I’ve got video of myself, at 22 and more recently at 26 swinging a home made saber around. I did my own effects, rotoscoping (the lightsabre glow) and audio. I aint expecting a call from Lucas anytime soon. Besides, I’ve got more coordination in my left…. leg, than that kid’s got in his whole body. (sheesh) put him in the movie…whatever!

Thanks to guest reporter, the Linux Geek, for finding this. Read the entire article on

Christopher Kirkman

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