Vin Diesel Calls for More Riddick

when horrible movies that pull in mediocure numbers get set up for a sequel, let alone a trilogy. Diesel and director David Twohy have announced that they originally planned to do the series as a trilogy. I am ashamed to say that Hollywood has no clue what it is doing or what the audience wants. Yes, the audience wants good movies with good actors (I know you are probably shocked to hear me say that, but I only like to look at Diesel…other then that he can keep his mouth shut), not crap.

Here is a clip from an interview that Diesel did with Empire Online:

“From the very very beginning, when everyone thought it was crazy, I was thinking of The Chronicles of Riddick as a trilogy,” said Diesel. “That would start with the movie you saw, and Pitch Black would act as a prequel that introduced you to the character. So in simple terms, in Chronicles 2 we venture to the Underverse. We knew we could get away with a PG-13 on the first one, but once you go to the Underverse it’s rated R, because it’s a place where war is the norm and there is constant, constant battling. Then on Chronicles 3 we will see Riddick return to Furia, to deal with the homeland.”

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