Ladykillers, The

Tom Hanks, in my opinion, has had a pretty good run in movies. By and
large he’s chosen fairly good roles for himself. Whether it be his
child like character in “Big” to his powerful performance in
“Philadelphia”, he has proven, time and time again that he has the
golden touch with his selections and is proven at the box office. But,
his selection of the new Cohen brothers film, “Ladykillers” is a big,
huge mistake. Frankly, I wasn’t very impressed by the movie based on
the trailer alone. I found his character’s persona a tremendous
annoyance. Also, because majority rules, this was not my first choice
of movie. None the less I went with an open mind ready to immerse
myself in “Ladykillers.” The whole premise of the film is that this
cartoon character like crew of wanna be theives, led by Tom Hanks’
character, Professor Dorr, rob a casino steamboat. To cover up their
diabolical plan, Professor Dorr rents a room from a sweet local
resident, Mrs. Munson, played by Irma P. Hall, whose basement provides
the perfect place to dig a tunnel to the loot. As you could imagine
with the hodgepodge team of robbers, things begin to awry, and hilarity
ensues. Stop there! Scratch the hilarity part. While this film offers
some laughs, they are short-lived, quick and stupid. The only saving
grace in this movie is Irma P. Hall herself and Marlon Wayans. Who make
the the pain of sitting through this movie actually bearable. There are
a few other scenes that do get a good laugh. In one scene in particular
the General character defends his donut shop from would be gunmen by
shoving his fingers up the guys nose. Histerical. But mostly, this film
is just boring. Kudos to Tom Hanks with the difficult dialog, but other
than that I’d skip this film.

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