My Boss’ Daughter

It started off being my kind of movie, and with Tara Reid and Carmen Electra, it promised to be a great piece of cinematic history. Something went terribly wrong. I found myself asking over and over again, “What the hell is going on?” From the trailer, I expected to see a movie about a guy whom everybody thought was gay that was trying to score with his boss’ daughter. The film I watched might as well have retained the Australian name “The Guests,” as it would have been much more appropriate. The movie follows Tom Stansfield (played by Ashton Kutcher as he tries to get a promotion at work. He gets beguiled into house sitting his boss’ house for his Daughter Lisa Taylor (played by Tara Reid. Then, all hell breaks loose, and just about everybody randomly shows up at his boss’ very pompous house. There is very little comedy, let alone romantic comedy found here. At no point in the film did I appreciate the characters or even really understand what the hell was going on let alone snicker. The movie debased my intellect and insulted my will to live. Don’t see this film. For the love of all that is holy, just stay away.

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