I bought the DVD because I actually liked the movie when it came out last August. I made the mistake though, of not reading the box to see what special features it contains. Read the list below and you might notice right away what is missing


It doesn’t matter that I enjoyed the film in the theaters, but it does matter that I had a lot of fun watching the DVD. It has many really cool features that make this DVD an awesome DVD. The DVD has many cool features, including a Gag Reel, some deleted scenes, two commentaries, some behind the scenes, and what has to be the coolest part of the DVD, a weapons demonstration and sound special feature. The Sound and Fury feature of the DVD is fun. The special features of the DVD highlighted the level of detail the producers attempted to achieve for this film.

The sound breakdown feature of the DVD is what makes this DVD really come alive. They use the different audio tracks of the DVD to show you different aspects of 4 major scenes from the film. I found myself watching the scenes over and over and over again, listening to each of the different audio tracks, trying to pick up each of the different layers that were assembled into the final cut.

The commentaries, both of them, are interesting and engaging. Whereas I typically don

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