The Human Centipede (First Sequence) Review

Let me start by saying that i knew i was in for a treat when they had 3 girls come up on the stage and do the bunny hop as a human centipede to win posters and storyboards.  For those of you not in the know, a human centipede is 3 people, surgically attached in a line on their knees, butt to mouth.

Originally released in 2009, the movie opens with the crazy doctor sitting in his car, looking like his dog just died.  Panning around we see him looking at a picture of his dog-centipede.  We later find out the dog-centipede did in fact just die as a grave marker chiseled with”my sweet 3-dog” is revealed.

The actor who plays the doctor, Dieter Laser, is brilliant. He looks like Christopher Walken if he stopped eating for like 3 years. It’s like he knew that everything he did would be bad ass/hilarious on screen because he played the role so straight.  One of my favorite details:  he tucks his shirt into his jeans. I see big things for this guy on the b-movie circuit.

The head of the human centipede is played by Japanese actor Akihiro Kitamura, who was actually at tonight’s event for a Q&A.  He was so “Japanese” that he kept referring to the centipede as “ass to mouse.”  His best line of the film is when he first wakes up in the creepy basement and says, in Japanese, “the Japanese possess great strength when backed into a corner!!”

In terms of all the hype, I read an article about this movie on  It is supposed to be the most disturbing/disgusting movie like ever.  However, I thought the film exercised marvelous restraint. There is no gore. The surgery scene is brief and no more graphic than an episode of Nip/Tuck.  The only really disturbing (read: genius) part is the concept of the centipede itself, which you have already gotten past if you are on your way to see the movie.  There is the obligatory scene when the head realizes he has to take a dump.  So of course it passes on to the girl in the middle.  But even this doesn’t show any actual grossness on screen.  It’s just the idea you have to get through and watching their pained faces.

The film-making is solid. Good story telling. Nice shot selection and decent production value.  The only thing I can fault it for is the sound.  The levels were uneven and it was often hard to hear what the doctor was saying.  Also, whoever translated their subtitles/credits used “insects” instead of “insect’s” and “assistent.”  oh, and i must mention that the DP’s name is “Goof.”

SPOILER: The ending is bleak, but it should be obvious by the title, they’re working on the sequel.

Overall, it was a super fun experience and it’s not as gross as you might think.

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