The Island

So I saw the Island with Design Geek last night, and I think I liked it
more than he did – but then again I think I like Sci-Fi more than he
does which would explain why.

Everything I had heard about the film was true – it is 2 different
films – the 1st Half is a very interesting Sci-Fi movie, the 2nd Half
is one of Bay’s best action films (though The ROCK is still my personal
favorite). The trailers (Especially the early ones) gave away most of
the plot — but overall I still enjoyed it.

I generally like
movies about the future (I do own Demolition Man on DVD) and this one
was no different. I felt like MOST of what was shown in the film was
possible in the next 20 years, and with all the product placement in
the film, it’s completely plausible that everything in the film would
have logo feces spread all over it – water by Aquafina, shoes by Puma,
Directories by MSN, swimming suits by Speedo, cars by Chevy… I could
go on, but I wont, for your own good.

The action was intense,
and if you’ve never seen an armored car do a somersault, here’s your
chance. However I felt like most of the “money shot” action scenes had
all been seen before – The Matrix, Minority Report, Star Wars V, and
others were all sampled.

Acting was solid by Ewan as usual –
especially the green screen work with Ewan and

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