E3: Day 3 Synopsis

Another day, another “Star Wars: The Old Republic” trailer. I still wasn’t able to get a t-shirt, even with the Star Wars Geek’s absurdly long arm-reach beside me. Some fights broke out as the man in front of me felt it necessary to throw and body-check people out of his way. I took an elbow to the groin, but otherwise left unscathed.

The other highlight of the day was bumping into actor Mark Sheppard, whom many of our readers will know as Romo Lampkin from “Battlestar Galactica.” He had done the voice work for the game “The Conduit,” and, as a former BSG employee myself, we chatted about old times. Other than him we had the usual slew of booth babes, costumed characters, and video game previews.

I spent most of the day trying to get my hands on whatever game I could. Aside from “The Conduit,” I play tested (in no particular order) “The Bigs” (Wii), “WiiFit Plus” (Wii), the MMOG “DC Universe,” “Tiger Woods 2010” (Wii), “NCAA Football 2010” (Xbox), “Mario and Sonic at the Winter Games” (Wii and DS), “Vancouver 2010” (PS3), “Fear 2” (Xbox), “Wii Sports Resort” (Guess).

It was a fun day, partially because I was awake this time. Also, on the last day, all the booths are just giving away their swag. I got a blowup Wii Remote, a Wii Sports Frisbee, T-Shirts that won’t fit because I ate so badly this week, posters I may never unroll, batteries (yes, one booth gave me a pack of Energizer batteries), a Pepsi,  and a free copy of “Battlefield 1943.” This is wonderful, since I always need more stuff. Just ask my wife, she absolutely loves when I bring home junk and leave it lying around all over the place.

That’s pretty much it. I’ve got a ton of video footage I’ll be uploading through this weekend and lots of reviews to write. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and keep re-reading this article until you get bored.


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