Battleship coming to Xbox360, PS3, Wii and More

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that this year’s VFX orgy on water, Battleship, based on Hasbro’s board game of the same name (LOOSELY based) will be accompanied by a video game. Activision presents the Double Helix developed title that marries maritime tactical strategies with first person shooting following the film’s story in parallel.

Players assume the role of Cole Mathis, a naval demolitions specialist who splits his time between ship placement strategies and run n’ gun combat. As the press release notes “Mathis must command the U.S. Navy fleet in a “siege on the sea,” while simultaneously rallying the troops on land for a terrifying “war on the shore.””


Here’s a preview vid and some shots from the game. As with any other film based video game, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Battleship, for the Xbox 360 and PS3, arrives in Europe April 2012 and North America, May 2012. Uniquely designed versions for the Nintendo Wii, 3DS and DS will be released at a later date. Battleship opens in theaters May 18, 2012.

Christopher Kirkman

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