DBZ Budokai 2 shots

Since Atari was a major biznatch at this year’s E3, I wasn’t able to get a decent glimpse of this myself, so I have to rely on the net, months afterwords, to get my fill.

Fans of the Dragon Ball Z series loved Budokai, the fighter for the PS2 and Gamecube. Perfectly represented characters of the anime fought it out under your control over the hills and plains of the various locales and within each chapter of the storyline that had been played out daily on TV. The sequel is due out later this year from Atari, simply dubbed Budokai 2, and looks considerably better than the first. Characters, over 29 this time, have a stronger cell shaded look than before and hopefully the gameplay will be equally strong.

Gamespy.com has the first preview and tons of screenshots to sink your teeth into. Click here for more.

Christopher Kirkman

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