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Okay, so we’re all starting to get into holiday mode. Pumpkin pie filling and corn bread stuffing are on sale at the market, wreaths are already being hung on doors, and holiday sales are bugging geeks’ eyes out with giant dollar signs as we drool our way across the Internet in search of the best deals on the hottest new gadgets.

CelXt Node It may not be remote-controlled, Star Trek-themed or well-known, but what the CelXt Node lacks in these areas, it makes up for in usefulness, convenience and frugality. Discovered on November 6th on indiegogo.com, the CelXt Node is a brand new tech device touting itself as “the Extension Phone of the 21st Century.”

Developed by CelXt CEO Bill Gueringer as a response to constantly playing cell phone tag with his out-of-state daughter, the Node connects to your cell phone via WiFi or Bluetooth and plays the ringtone of your choice whenever you get an incoming call—even when your phone is on vibrate. So what, you ask? My clunky old landline can do that. Did I mention that the Node can also do this with incoming text messages? And that you can make outgoing texts and calls as well?

Some of us geeks are fantastic at figuring out technology. We camp outside the Apple Store for the new iPad, we buy parts and pieces and rig up DIY animatronic monsters for Halloween. But other geeks just like things that make our lives a little easier. The CelXt Node does just that.

It takes about 30 seconds to connect the Node to your cell phone. And rather than messing around with your antiquated push-button landline (some of us are developing early arthritis, y’know), you can simply tap away to dial, just like you do on your cell phone. You can switch it to speakerphone to talk to people while making dinner or clinking chainmail together or casting spells or playing D&D—great for any kind of geek!

CelXt Node For those of us who lose our cell phones amongst the stale Cheetos and loose change in the couch cushions, this sleek little product may seem like a bad idea. What’s to stop us from losing that too? Like many problems, CelXt has a solution for that too. A handy dandy standing dock keeps the Node safely at an arm’s reach and in your sight whenever you need it. You can even charge it straight from the dock.

If you wanted to save money and avoid the ridicule your friends still give you for owning a multitude of landlines in your home, you could kick the monthly phone bill to the curb, grab a few Nodes and they’ll pay for themselves after awhile. No more monthly bill gives you a great reason to convince your spouse to upgrade your cable package to those premium channels. Helloooooo, Game of Thrones!

I’m just sayin’, this is a pretty sexy new piece of technology, but it’s not getting the attention it needs to really come to fruition. Like Kickstarter, indiegogo.com is a fundraising platform and the CelXt Node still has a long way to go. But with your interest and support, you could soon be playing with your Node—not that Node—in a manner of months.

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