Jaws Official Game site launches

Way back when, a little Sega Master System game called Echo The Dolphin presented gamers with a new perspective on games and their characters. Appaloosa Interactive developed a game that had replaced platform jumping with oceanic swimming and plumbers were replaced by dolphins. The game was a hit and one several awards, including the fledgling Game of the Year award of the time.

Fast forward to 2004 and we find Appaloosa re-winding to 1975’s killer shark, Jaws. Today saw the official site launch for a new multi-platform game in which you play the killing machine. Developers promise a puzzle element in addition to what would appear to be an action gore-fest. A bulleted list of features on the page include a “Dismemberment Engine” which will provide 25+ points of disconnection to enemies, human, fish, vehicles and structures.

At first glance, I can’t say the game is very promising. Not only is it a movie license, but we’re talking about one of the greatest horror films in cinematic history. Trying to translate that to a video game, especially in this context, will be a difficult prospect indeed. Then again, if Spielburg signed off on it…

Christopher Kirkman

Christopher is an old school nerd: designer, animator, code monkey, writer, gamer and Star Wars geek. As owner and Editor-In-Chief of Media Geeks, he takes playing games and watching movies very seriously. You know, in between naps.

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