Nitro Family

Claiming to bring a new approach and original game play to first person shooters, Nitro Family produced by Delphieye inc. Using the Serious Sam game engine, Nitro Family take place in an apocolyptic drug abused future, but that’s about I could tell.

The website (, although well designed and themed, is clearly written in Engrish, that language that typically occurs when foreign writers create for an english speaking audience. I’m not sure how the story, characters or gameplay are different from every other Duke Nukem wannabe out there, but someone should let them know that this style gameplay is done. No one, never before done in an FPS feature is going to boost the popularity of a game. Not even an online Multiplayer battle, which this boats, can help it on the Xbox or PC.

Look for it in the bargain bin at your local GameStop shortly after it ships.

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