Sims 3 Announced for 2009

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The Sims franchise has become one of the largest for gamers of all ages. Since their inception in 2000 they have grown worldwide, selling over 98 million games and translated into 22 different languages. Today Electronic Arts announced their newest installment, Sims 3.

In 2000, the game started out giving players control of a simulated person in its natural environment. You didn’t have much control over the environment itself, but it was just the beginning. Several years later the franchise went 3D with Sims 2. Sims 2 allowed more freedom with the environment, but there were load screens to endure for every change made. If you wanted to go shopping, to the beach, or to a restaurant there was a load screen. Next year, when Sims 3 is released you will have complete control and freedom with your environment.

This is a huge change and something that I am greatly looking forward to as an avid Sims 2 player. You will be able to have your Sims walk down the street, visit neighbors, walk downtown, and to parks without having to endure the load screens that you now experience in Sims 2. This will be a wonderful treat that allows the gamer to take their gaming to the next level.

Other changes will include a new Create-a-Sim interface that features easy to use tools that allows you to customize a Sim like you never have. The details will allow you to make your Sim look even more like you (or whomever you like) in every way possible. Each Sim will also be unique with the new realistic personalities.

“This new system will empower you to create extremely complex and diverse in-game personalities. Will you create the nosy, inappropriate, kleptomaniac grandmother who loves to meddle in other people’s business? Or the commitment-phobic, hot-headed punk rocker whose rude nature and childish disposition keeps him from scoring a date?” as EA puts it in their release.

The final change will allow you to control and customize every aspect of the environment including wallpaper, floors, flowers, fashions, and furniture. You essentially become the architect for your game.

I have high hopes for this game and can’t wait for it, but until then I will continue to enjoy Sims 2 and the ever growing number of expansion packs that come out every couple of months. For more information on the upcoming release of Sims 3, check out their website at

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