Singularity Age/Revert Trailer 1 of 4

Activision’s Singluarity has been in the works for some time now, originally showcased at E3 in 2009. The game has a buzz that is surprisingly resilient, partly due to a regular helping of new videos and screenshots showing off the time-fracturing shooter gameplay.

Today’s entry is no different. The first of 4 Age and Revert trailers is here and gives players a taste of the same-named function of the Time Manipulation Device. Too bad I can’t age a few of the wine bottles in my bar. Or de-age myself for that matter.

Christopher Kirkman

Christopher is an old school nerd: designer, animator, code monkey, writer, gamer and Star Wars geek. As owner and Editor-In-Chief of Media Geeks, he takes playing games and watching movies very seriously. You know, in between naps.

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