Crackdown 2

Back in 2007, a little known game was released with buzz that buyers of the game would get a beta access to Halo 3. Three years later, a sequel is released. Can lighting strike twice?

Just like in it’s predecessor, you once again play as a genetically engineer “Agent” in Pacific City. The story of Crackdown 2 take place a couple of years later after the end of the first game, except that the entire city has gone to hell in a hand basket. For players of Crackdown 1, you may remember a scientist dealing with mutated humans. Well, it’s gotten worse and spread. Unfortunately, the story isn’t very deep at all. In fact, they span a story that could be read in 15 minutes, into multiple hours via “audio logs” found around the city. Similar to Crackdown 1, it hints to yet another sequel.

Graphically, nothing has really changed. The Pacific City isn’t much different from Crackdown 1. All the same buildings, same landmarks, same mission areas, same race paths; even the same orb locations.

The only minor things they added were the following: Renegade Orbs that you have try yo “catch” as it tries to get away from you, 2 more vehicles (a tank & helicopter [you have to find this one]), play up to 4 player co-op and XboxLive multiplayer arenas. The multiplayer isn’t that great. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Quake Deathmatch, but fairly forgettable.

To be honest, the fun factor of the previous game is what lead me to buy its sequel, but it was rather disappointing that this game is almost a carbon copy of it’s older brother. At the most I’d recommend renting it if you liked the original, but otherwise this isn’t the great game sequel we were hoping for.

Todd Lipska

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