Preview: 49 Boxes Returns to Los Angeles

49 Boxes, created by Michael Borys and Alex Lieu of 42 Entertainment, is “a social, story-driven experience where audiences interact with incredible artifacts to solve mysteries that have been kept secret for more than half a century. This isn’t an experience that happens around you… It happens because of you.” Inspired by storytelling and magic, Borys and Lieu designed an experience that fully immerses the participants with hands-on participation.

When I heard about 49 Boxes, I lit up with excitement. Active and with puzzles to manipulate like some of my favorite escape rooms (Da Vinci’s Secret and The Elevator Shaft), I suspect this will be right up my alley (plus, magic!). I am looking forward to solving puzzles and interacting with other guests as well as the artifacts presented in the room, but not be rushed since this is not a timed event. The mystery of what Borys and Lieu have created is filling me with anticipation and I can’t wait to experience 49 Boxes for myself on March 31st!

49 Boxes travels between San Francisco and Los Angeles, hopefully having found a semi-permanent residence here in L.A. Borys says this new location is an area that “most people have never seen before,” and is excited to share it with his guests. The location is disclosed after tickets are purchased. With events on March 24th and 31st, tickets are selling fast. Get yours here.

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