Party Hard – Quest Room’s Raunchy Escape Room

Dim red lighting, a leather bed, a disco ball, a stripper pole, and… a missing groom! Such is the setting for Quest Room‘s delightful Party Hard escape room.

The Morning After

You and your teammates have woken up after a rough night of hard partying for your friend’s bachelor party. The groom is now missing and the wedding of the year is at stake! The clues lay before you, and it’s your job to work backward, piece the night together, follow the trail, and get the groom to his nuptials before it’s too late.

On the Hunt

Party Hard is first and foremost a fun and silly escape room that’s not meant to be taken too seriously. With several options for the theme (bachelor party, bachelorette party, or gay bachelor party), the room is over-the-top campy entertainment. While the puzzles are not super difficult, they are extremely amusing to do and all fit the theme of a sexy party. Most of the puzzles are tech-based, and not lock-dominated, which is always a plus in my book. There are multiple puzzles for various team members to work on at once, some very hands-on and interactive. Then the team can come together for several clues that require more than one person to figure out.

It was THAT kind of party

Since Party Hard involves a multitude of tech-based puzzles, sometimes there can be hiccups. Even though my team experienced two minor tech glitches, our game master was on top of it and helped us continue without leaving us confused and wasting time. And speaking of our game master, Party Hard has an inventive cell phone-based hint system, which provides information to move the narrative along as well as gives clues.

A Happy Ending

Other than the little tech mishaps, Party Hard is a blast, both in design and narrative. Although one of the plot points didn’t seem to make sense to my team, in the end, it really didn’t matter. We were too entertained to care about any plot confusion.

What makes Party Hard stand out among the plethora of “serious” escape rooms is the lighthearted nature of the theme. Afterward, my teammates and I couldn’t stop raving about how much fun we had. We didn’t rush through the room trying to beat it quickly; we took our time and enjoyed the cheeky ambiance, playfully solving puzzles and more than once howling with laughter.

NOTE: Party Hard is an 18+ escape room due to its sexual content. There is no actual nudity involved, but the props and clues are strongly suggestive and kinky in nature.

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