Return of the Magician at Unlocked in Irvine

“After a long hiatus, The Magician has returned to the stage. Join us and book your tickets to find out just exactly why he was named Magician of the Year 3 times in a row! This comeback performance will be exclusively shown only at UNLOCKED Productions Theater. His magic and illusions will free your mind…” (Unlocked)

It’s an hour until show time and the headliner, The Magician, is nowhere to be found. Could we unlock the magical secrets he left for us and put on our own extraordinary performance in his stead?


Brought into the room, my teammates were handcuffed to the walls and I was locked in a straight-jacket. For our first “trick,” we had to pull a Houdini and escape from our restraints. Looking through The Magician’s costumes and paraphernalia, we freed ourselves from the first room and gasped in awe at what the next room had in store for us. The Magician’s backstage office was lined with tricks from swords-through-a-cabinet to metal linking rings. We played with The Magician’s wand, his top hat and his playing cards like kids in a candy store. The puzzles within the room felt almost secondary to the magical props used to solve them. Instead of feeling like homework to slave over, each puzzle felt more like an enchanting discovery.

Encore, Encore!

“Return of the Magician” is a fantastic and enjoyable escape room. From the atmosphere to the magic tricks and secrets hidden within, my group of adults could not stop talking about the awe and wonder this room created. We were all amazed and wanted to stay inside to play with the gadgets instead of rushing out within our 60-minute limit. While the story itself was pretty light, it was easily forgiven due to the magic of the environment. The inclusion of combination locks was also irrelevant. The hand-made wooden apparatuses that could be used in a real magician’s performance were more than enough to keep us all thoroughly entertained and completely dazzled. I would definitely go back to see the tricks and puzzles I might have missed the first time around.

“Return of the Magician” is great fun for all ages (that can participate). Book Your Own Magic Show

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