Silent PLAY Experiment Brings Out Your Inner Child

“In a magical world where judgment is checked at the door, explore the depths of human connection, transcend social norms, and meet your most creative self.” (The Silent PLAY Experiment)

No Shoes

The Silent PLAY Experiment fascinated me as soon as I read about it. For 90 minutes, we would put our “real” lives on hold, shut off our devices, and relive our childhood – in silence. I arrived at the secret location in downtown L.A., which was marked by a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. I wore all black as requested – both signifying a blank slate and to keep clothes from getting ruined – tucked my belongings in a cubby, and donned a pair of provided black socks. I checked in and was handed a small piece of ice and a printout explaining how the night would work: We would be guided by three hosts via chimes and music cues. Once the ice cube melted, I climbed several stairs and gently lowered myself into a hole in the ground, thus beginning my journey back in time…

No Judgment

I descended into a blanket/pillow tunnel and emerged into a large white room filled with various props and activities. The first portion of the evening is self-guided, so I was free to wander around and take everything in. I looked around in amazement and began my Silent PLAY experience by painting my face in blue and purple. Moving through the area, I painted the walls, I added to a story on the typewriter in the middle of the room, I wrote down a wish and hung it from a tree, I wore a shark hat on my head, and indulged in a lollipop or two. Balloons lined the ceiling, musical instruments were at our disposal, toys like a slinky, boomerang, jump rope, or a cardboard box with arm and head cutouts were utilized and enjoyed. We were free and encouraged to do whatever our hearts desired, to mingle and explore and create, but most of all, to have fun.

The second part of The Silent PLAY Experiment is guided by the three hosts who were wearing all white. Using chimes and their physicality, they directed us through several games. We played Conductor (one person uses the group to create a scene or rhythmic pattern), Charades (we used a chalkboard to guess answers), and Mirror (in pairs). The night culminated in a dance party where everyone let loose and people took turns dancing in the middle of the circle, laughing and with reckless abandon.

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Designed to get people out of their daily stresses and enjoying life again, The Silent PLAY Experiment can be overwhelming to some. However, the lack of speaking is freeing; it creates a safe space to be vulnerable and explore without the fear of saying the “right thing” or having our meaning get lost in the words. Plus, the hosts are great at getting everyone involved in the action. It’s easy to lose our creativity and expression in our day-to-day work lives, but Silent PLAY makes us remember the excitement and joy and wonder of our childhood. While I felt that a few activities went on a little long, I really enjoyed taking a time-out from my worries and engaging in some fun and games with strangers. Life went from a dull gray to vibrant, rainbow colors in the course of my 90 minutes at The Silent PLAY Experiment. I can’t wait to see what other events Make.Life.Play comes up with!

The Silent PLAY Experiment has been extended through April 28th, so there’s still a chance to join in the fun. Get tickets here before they sell out!

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